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Long-distance Oil-gas Pipeline Station Equipment

Pressure Control System

Pressure control system in the gas transmission station is a gas pressure control device used in the gas transmission station of long distance gas pipeline,city distributing station, storage and distribution station, fuel gas for gas turbine plant and so on. It is called “Regulator Train” in its industry and "Pressure Control System" in technical terms (refer to the definition for this device in EN12186 and GB50251).

Pressure control system consists of safety shut-off valve,monitor regulator and active regulator.These three devices are in series regulation mode from upstream to downstream respectively.The whole system will be integrated as a skid ready for installation.The overall test for each component and the whole system have been carried out before delivery. The system presented here has the characteristics of safety, reliability, good property, easy installation and simple operation.

Operating principle: under normal condition,safety shut-off valve and monitor regulator are in fully open position,and active regulator controls downstream pressure.If the active regulator fails on pressure control,monitor regulator starts to contol downstream pressure automatically,when the monitor regulator fails on pressure control, safety shut-off valve quickly and automatically close the trim to shut off gas flow to protect the whole system.

System Characteristics

Using axial flow pressure regulator with large flow capacity and good closing performance

Regulating accuracy of ±1%, wide adjustable ratio

Equal percentage characteristic (logarithmic characteristic)

Self-carried pilot,filter

The active regulator with the characteristic of “fail to open” ,but the monitor regulator “fail to close”

The shut-off reaction time is less than 1s

Automatic shut-off, travel transmission, travel indicator (local and remote), pilot electric heater, flow limiting and pressure limiting and remote control can be provided

Over flow shut-off and interlocked with prepayment IC card gas meter can be realized

A variety of configuration types are available upon request ,such as “safety shut-off valve + monitor regulator + control valve”, “safety shut-off valve + control valve + active regulator control”, “safety shut-off valve + safety shut-off valve + active regulator control “and “safety shut-off valve + safety shut-off valve + control valve”.

The flow and pressure restricting system can be matched to,( interaction with SCADA system is available), to realize distributing flow limit and imbalance gas supply control.


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