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Long-distance Oil-gas Pipeline Station Equipment

Metering and Regulating System of Self-used Gas within the Station

Metering and regulating system of self-used gas within the station is a skid-mounted gas supply equipment for small-scale generator, heating/hot water boiler and fuel gas for living within the station of long distance gas pipeline. The system integrates the functions of filtering, heating, regulating, metering, distribution, venting, relief, leak alarm and automatic switching, having the characteristics of high explosion proof requirement, multiple regulation steps, wide regulation range, good safety performance, intermittent gas supply and high metering requirement.

This system is suitable to manned(unmanned) operation or attended natural gas distributing station, metering station, storage and distribution station, regulator station and etc.

High requirements for the heater in the system:special explosion proof performance ,IP code and the manufacturing requirement of the equipment body, adopting direct or indirect electric heater,the safety protection measures of heating speed, heating temperature and dry combustion prevention effect the system safety directly.

System Characteristics

Available in two electric heating modes:direct and indirect

Using intercepting pressure regulator valve with pressure stability and good closing performance at low flow condition

Adopting the safety protection measure of dual safety shut-off valves

Regulating accuracy of ±1%, wide adjustable ratio

Equal percentage characteristic (logarithmic characteristic)

The shut-off reaction time is less than 1s

Automatic shut-off, travel transmission, travel indicator (local and remote) can be provided

Using special flowmeter in low flow situation


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