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Long-distance Oil-gas Pipeline Station Equipment

Gas Metering and Regulating System for Gas Turbine

Gas metering and regulating system for gas turbine is a skid-mounted gas supply equipment for gas turbine in the compressor station of long distance gas pipeline, the system integrates the functions of filtering, heating, regulating, metering, venting, relief, leak alarm and automatic switching, having the characteristics of high explosion proof requirement, wide regulation range, good safety performance and continuous stable gas supply.    


The system presented here is composed of some subsystems, such as filtering and heating system, metering system, regulating system, venting system, gas leak alarm system and etc. Of which, the regulating system has the features of “pressure control system ”, adopting the configuration mode of “safety shut-off valve + monitor regulator +self-actuated pressure regulator”. The metering system assembles with the flow computer used for the temperature and pressure compensation of the gas to calculate the flow rate. The venting system adopts centralized venting in principle, the gas leak alarm system can be interlocked with the main valve and venting system. When the leakage occurs in the operation field, the station control system will command the main valve to close and open the venting system to carry on the emergency venting.

High requirements for the regulator in this system:quick opening ability and fast reaction rate(accelerating commander is provided in some situations). Axial flow regulator is common ,with these characteristics.

System Characteristics

Using axial flow pressure regulator with large flow capacity and good closing performance

Regulating accuracy of ±1%, wide adjustable ratio

Equal percentage characteristic (logarithmic characteristic)

The shut-off reaction time is less than 1s

Automatic shut-off, travel transmission, travel indicator (local and remote) can be provided

Available in two electric heating modes:direct and indirect


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