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Long-distance Oil-gas Pipeline Station Equipment

Analysis Cabin

Analysis cabin is designed according to user requirement. It integrates various on-line analyzers (for example, gas chromatograph, hydrogen sulfide analyzer,moisture analyzer and etc.), sample processing system, sample recovery system and environmental protection system, to achieve a perfect operation of the on-line analyzers. The analysis system is fitted with public and safety facilities.



Main characteristics: the integrated structure design reduces the design work easy to installation and maintenance, increasing the system reliability. The configuration of on-line analysis instruments shall be done according to the user’s requirements and operating condition, having the advantages of easy installation and maintenance, service safety and etc.

Basic configuration: three main analysis analyzers including gas chromatograph, hydrogen sulfide analyzer and moisture analyzer, sample processing system, carrier gas, calibration gas, ex-proof lighting and ex-proof switch, exp-proof ventilator, temperature alarm, infrared gas alarm,heat isolation system, stainless cabin and etc.

Suitable Environmental Condition

Ambient temperature: -40ºC~+60ºC

Ambient moisture: ≤85%


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