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City Gas Station Equipment

Skid-mounted Pressure Reduction Metering Station (Industrial Gas)

The skid-mounted pressure reduction metering station (industrial gas) is a regulator station specially designed for industrial users, including gas power plant (gas turbine, gas boiler and other gas supply facilities), fertilizer plant, ceramic plant, carbon plant, glass factory and other enterprises. It is a gas supply equipment to industrial users after gas filtering, regulating and metering.

The configuration mainly includes inlet block valve, filter, shut-off valve, regulator, safety relief valve, flowmeter, outlet block valve and etc. It integrates the functions of regulating, metering, monitoring, telemetering/remote control(SCADA system),peak shaving, noise elimination (muffler is separately provided), odorizing, heating, and safety protection. It has the characteristics of compact structure, safety gas supply, complete functions, low investment and etc. Engineered and manufactured to incorporate the client’s specific requirements.

System Characteristics

Over pressure/ low pressure shut-off valve, safety relief valve,gas leak alarm system, and other safety measures are provided

Compact structure, the equipment can be suppied in a skid-mounted mode or divided into several modules. Installation and tesing are on site,easy maintenance

Adopting 120% flow design, automatic switching between the master line and slave line can be realized, ensuring continuous gas supply and high reliability in the down stream

Excellent expansibility, according to the user’s requirements,the following functions can be added: noise elimination, monitoring, telemetering/remote control,SCADA system, heat tracing and etc.

Regulating accuracy of ±5%( ±2.5%)

Insulation joints are installed in the inlet and outlet to protect the underground gas pipeline


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