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Liquefaction of Natural Gas(LNG) Engineering

LNG dispenser

LNG dispenser is used for LNG vehicles in LNG fueling stations and other places, consists of Liquid Mass Flow Meter and gas mass flow meter, fueling nozzle and back flow gas nozzle, meter control device, and additional equipment. Mass Flow Meter—A device that measures the mass of a product flowing through the system. The mass measurement may be determined directly from the effects of mass on the sensing unit or may be inferred by measuring the properties of the product, such as the volume, density, temperature, or pressure, and displaying the quantity in mass units. All the data can be transmitted to the system through the communication interface of the host computer, to realize the remote collection and management data. The box of LNG dispenser is made of stainless steel.
BOG Recovery Unit

Natural gas vehicle filling station recovery device is the auxiliary equipment in natural gas vehicle filling station, the main function is to recycle station bleeding in the operation process of natural gas. Work process: 1) when the LNG cryogenic storage tank pressure increases to 0.6MPa, manual (or automatic) open the recovery valve, compressor starts, the gas input pressure cylinder or pipe network; 2) when the recovery device buffer tank pressure to the appropriate value (lower 0.1 ~ 0.2MPa), manual (or automatic) closed recovery valve, compressor stop working.
The town of LNG gas skid

The town of LNG gas skid is concentrated in urban LNG users, the main process is: LNG tanker or a liquid storage bottle will LNG tank liquid is transported to the city gas skid, by prying body regulating pressure measurement, integration, odorization system to realize the centralized gas supply to urban users; mainly include: LNG storage tank or reservoir group, air heated vaporizer, adjustable odorization and metering system, pressure system. The composition of LNG tank from inside the shell, multi technology.
Skid-Mounted L-CNG Filling Station

Skid-mounted L-CNG Filling Station transforms LNG to CNG, and then fills vehicle with CNG. The equipment integrates high-pressure low-temperature plunger pump, high-pressure vaporizer, CNG Gas Cylinder Group, dispenser and control panel into one skid. It, combined with LNG tank, fills vehicle with CNG fuel at the designated areas. The main equipment: LNG storage tank, BOG storage tank car, BOG heater, EAG heater, booster vaporizer for tank car, booster vaporizer for storage tank, LNG low-temperature booster pump(immersed pump), dispenser, control system, security system and other assistive devices.
L-CNG Filling Skid

Overview: L-CNG filling stations in the LNG into CNG auto filling of CNG filling stations. Skid-mounted L-CNG filling stations are highly integrated, low-temperature high-pressure piston pump, high-pressure carburetor group of CNG gas cylinders, dispensers and control cabinet on a skid block in specific locations to accommodate LNG tankers small vehicle filling CNG fuel filling stations. Main equipment: LNG storage tanks, BOG tank, BOG heater, EAG heater, LNG tankers pressurized gasifier tank pressurized gasifier, cryogenic booster pump (submersible pump), refilling machine, control systems, security systems and other auxiliary equipment.
Complete Equipment for LNG Liquefaction

The company focuses on the development and industrialization of “mixed-refrigerant liquefaction” technology. Our company has the series of products of LNG Liquefaction Complete Equipment, such as 3*104m3/d,5*104m3/d,10*104 m3/d,20*104 m3/d,30*104 m3/d

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