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Liquefaction of Natural Gas(LNG) Engineering

LNG dispenser

LNG dispenser is used for LNG vehicles in LNG fueling stations and other places, consists of Liquid Mass Flow Meter and gas mass flow meter, fueling nozzle and back flow gas nozzle, meter control device, and additional equipment. Mass Flow Meter—A device that measures the mass of a product flowing through the system. The mass measurement may be determined directly from the effects of mass on the sensing unit or may be inferred by measuring the properties of the product, such as the volume, density, temperature, or pressure, and displaying the quantity in mass units. All the data can be transmitted to the system through the communication interface of the host computer, to realize the remote collection and management data. The box of LNG dispenser is made of stainless steel.


◆LNG fueling station;

Technical performance:

◆Flow rate range: 6 ~ 180L/min;

Measurement accuracy: ± 1%;

Design pressure: 2.5MPa;

◆Working temperature: -196 ℃ ~ 55 ℃;

◆Working power supply: 24VDC;

◆Explosion-proof grade: ExdeibmbⅡBT4 explosion proof.

Main features:

◆Intelligent control system, simple operation;

WWwW Whole explosion-proof design, safety and reliability;

Mass flow meters are all imported products, stable performance and high measurement accuracy.

◆fueling nozzle and back flow gas nozzle are all imported products, safety and reliability, long service life.

The dispenser is protected by hose breakaway in metal hose. safety relief system.



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